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At St. Michael’s Farms, we are a bee and berry farm that produces and sells local raw honey and infused raw honey. Learn all about the honey that we offer as well as the many benefits of consuming honey and supporting bee conservation efforts! Shop our selection of honey and honey infusions online or visit our farm store in Fort Collins today.


Infused vs. Flavored Honey

In general, infused honey and flavored honey can mean the same thing. However, some may separate these two terms in which infused honey would still contain adjunct ingredients inside of it, while flavored honey is usually by adding 'Flavor' drops, and according to the USDA that can mean Chemical Drops!. Either way, the same process before this step is used — adjunct ingredients, such as flowers, herbs, and spices are added to natural raw honey over a period of time to add flavor and aroma. But St. Michael's goes the extra mile and soaks Natural Farm grown herbs and spices for weeks upon weeks to impart the right flavor profile just for you!

Local Honey Infusions

If you’re looking to try new honey flavors, definitely check out the local honey infusions from St. Michael’s Farms. Here are our current infused and flavored honey options, that are sourced both locally and globally for a unique flavor experience:

  • Lavender Honey — grown right here at St. Michaels Farm, lavender adds a pleasant, flowery aroma, and has a sweet taste.
  •   Smoked Honey — St Michael's uses a proprietary process that Slowly infused the Raw Honey with Pure wood smoke, This takes Honey to a New Level.
  •   Balsamic Honey — just like honey itself, Balsamic adds a very slight vinigar flavor that's wonderful on bread and salads as well as Cheeses..
  •    Local Chili Honey — a honey infusion that starts out sweet and kicks with a little heat in the end.
  •  Chai Honey — one of our global flavors that comes directly from Egypt, chai-infused honey has a rich, sweet aroma and tastes like no other.

Health Benefits of Honey

Consuming honey isn’t just a tasty experience, it can also be good for your health. Due to the nature in which it is made — which is a literal work of nature — honey offers a variety of health benefits. 

First and foremost, eating local honey is a great way to build up your immune system against the local pollen and allergens. Honey contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that helps protect cells from free radicals. Additionally, consuming honey regularly could also increase athletic performance as it helps maintain glycogen levels.

Externally, honey is used to treat a variety of conditions. For one, honey is a great way to soothe itching, burning mosquito bites, giving you the relief you need fast. What’s more, honey can also be used to treat minor wounds, burns, and cuts in a pinch since it naturally contains antibacterial properties that fight against inflammation. Additionally, honey has been shown to also be great at soothing your throat when it’s sore due to being sick. Eating a spoonful of honey on its own will help, as well as simply including some in a hot cup of tea. 

Is there anything honey can’t do? Ensure that you always have some honey in your home, with you in instances like camping, and that you consume local honey regularly to really reap the long-term health benefits!

Beauty Benefits of Honey

Since it is a natural, soothing, and hydrating product, honey is often used in a variety of beauty regimens from head to toe. 

There are a few ways to use honey on your face — try it as a face mask, acne spot treatment, gentle exfoliant, and more. A full-face mask that uses honey is a great way to leave your entire face soft and radiant. Additionally, just adding a bit of honey to targeted acne areas is a great way to reduce inflammation and the swelling of pimples. Honey also makes for a great face scrub, as the small, non-abrasive granules in true honey break down when they come in contact with water. 

Aside from skin treatment, honey is also a common ingredient found in lip balms. Thanks to its hydrating effects and natural enzymes, it’s a great way to moisturize lips with the help of organic products. Additionally, if you have dry hair, honey makes for a great moisturizing mask. Try adding some natural honey to your hair before or in the shower, let it sit, and then rinse it out thoroughly to reveal shiny hair like never before.

On the face and other parts of the body, honey is also great for helping to fade scars, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Speaking of the body, why not go for a honey soak in the bath? Just add some local honey to your bath and stir with your hand for an ultra-hydrating soak that will leave your skin silky soft.


How Important Are Honey Bees for the Planet?

At St. Michaels Farms, we love the bees and the bees love us — because we know just how important honey bees are for our planet. If you’re not sure exactly how important bees are, we’d love to welcome you to read below and to also come and visit our farm in Fort Collins sometime! Here are just a few facts from the non-profit, The Bee Conservancy, about how honey bees are integral to our planet’s existence.

  • 1 in 3 bites of food are pollinated by bees — they pollinate fruits, nuts, and veggies, aside from producing honey
  • 1 in 4 species of bees are at risk of extinction — without bees, our nation’s food security would be at risk

What can you do to help? The best way to stop the extinction of honey bees is to support your local honey farmers and bee conservation efforts. If you need honey, buy local to help back real farmers who put in real effort to save bees and provide real, natural honey. And, if you find a hive of bees or another form of a bee colony in your home or public place where they shouldn’t be (e.g. playgrounds), please contact a bee conservation group to have them rehomed, never an exterminator!

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