How Is Infused Honey Different from Flavored Honey?

We all know and love various honey products, especially those that come with a little extra kick - like flavored and infused honey. But what's the difference? What sets infused honey apart from flavored honey? We're going to take a look at both infused and flavored honey, what they are made of, how they can be used in cooking or baking, their nutritional content, and why infused honey has such an incredible taste!


Should I worry if my Honey Crystalizes?

No! All Raw Honey will crystalize, It is a Totally Natural Process! And it does not effect the taste or benefits of Honey.

How to De-crystilize Honey

  1. Add hot tap water to a pan, place your jar of honey up to 3/4 of the way, stir  and it will decrystalize
  2. HEAT will kill the beneficial properties of Honey (above 100F)

Low temperatures increase the speed of crystilization - Store at room temperature out of light.


How is INFUSED Used?

Charcuterie Boards

Meats and Cheeses, Crackers

Salads, Deserts, Chocolate

Fish, Lamb, BBQ (try the Smoked Honey)

Cocktails - Honey, the Golden sweetner and predates sugar as a sweetner and is delicious alteexecptional different flavor profile




honey in baking
honey in cereal

How They Taste

Infused honey is made with pure honey and added natural herbs and spices, while flavored honey is made with processed honey and added flavors. This means that infused honey has a more natural taste than flavored honey. Flavored honey, on the other hand, often has a hint of an artificial or chemical taste to it.

So there you have it! The main differences between infused and flavored honey. As you can see, infused honey is the better choice if you're looking for a natural, subtly flavored honey with added health benefits. Flavored honey is great if you want a Honey that packs a punch in terms of flavor, but be aware that it likely won't have the same health benefits infused honey does. Learn more about the differences between these two honey products by visiting St. Michael’s Farm today!

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