What is Infused Honey?

Infused honey is a delicious and versatile ingredient that has been used for centuries. As honey ages, it begins to develop new flavors and aromas, which can be obtained through the use of herbs or spices. This process enables us to create infused honey with your favorite natural ingredients. Here are some of the specifics about infused honey, brought to you by St. Michael's Farm of Fort Collins.


Why Should I Try Infused Honey?

Adding infused honey gives your recipes new flavors and aromas while also adding sweetness without having to add other ingredients like sugar or artificial sweeteners. You may want to try it in muffins, cookies, scones, tea, bread, salad dressings, curry sauces, meats, cheeses,  barbecue sauces — the list goes on! With so many possibilities, there's no excuse not to try infused honey today!

How Else Can I Use Infused Honey?

Infused honey can be used in many ways. You can drizzle it over oatmeal, yogurt, or toast for a delicious and healthy breakfast treat. It is also great on ice cream! Mix some into your next salad dressing to give it an extra kick of flavor that will leave your guests wanting more. For those who love something sweet with their tea or coffee, infused honey adds just the right amount of sweetness without all the sugar you would find in traditional sweetners.

honey and yogurt

Ready to try infused honey? St. Michael's Farm in Fort Collins has honey infused with natural spices and herbs that are perfect for any honey lover. Order your infused honey from our website today or come see us in person in our Northern Colorado farm shop.

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